Project Duration People Funding
University of Tartu mobility survey2023-2024Age Poom, Elise Jalonen, Anto Aasa, Martin Haamer, Jürgen ÖövelUniversity of Tartu
A science-based future view of the rescue network2023-2024Siiri Silm, Kati Orru, Tiit Tammaru, Evelyn Uuemaa, Alexander
Kmoch, Ago Tominga, Kristi Nero
Public procurement / Service Agreement
HyTruck: Developing a transnational network of hydrogen refuelling stations for trucks2023-2025Alexander Kmoch, Evelyn Uuemaa, Alexandra Bratic, Arvi Kiik, Age PoomInterreg Baltic Sea Region Programme
Spatio-temporal patterns of Ukrainian refugees in Estonia based on mobile phone data2022 –Siiri Silm, Ago Tominga, Tiit Tammaru
A longitudinal study of people’s activity space, social network and mobile phone usage based on mobile phone positioning data2021-2030Siiri Silm, Anto Aasa, Ago Tominga
oPEN Lab: Open innovation living labs for Positive Energy Neighbourhoods2021-2026Siiri Silm, Veronika Mooses, Mirjam VeilerEU Horizon 2020
GreenStreets: Exposure to greenery and noise in active travel environments2021-2023Age PoomEstonian Research Council
Public policy for successful bike share: Does city size matter? Tartu, Estonia vs. Helsinki, Finland2021-2023Karl Saidla, Siiri Silm, Age PoomEstonian Research Council
Patterns and its influencing factors of spatio-temporal mobility, social networks and mobile phone usage of people living in Estonia and Finland based on mobile phone positioning data2019-2028Siiri Silm, Ago Tominga
Understanding the Vicious Circles of Segregation. A Geographic Perspective2019-2023Tiit Tammaru, Siiri Silm, Anto Aasa, Veronika Mooses, Anniki PuuraEstonian Research Council
BuildERS: Building European Communities’ Resilience and Social Capital2019-2022Kati Orru, Siiri Silm, Ago TomingaEU Horizon 2020
CCAMEU: Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility: EU and Australasian Innovations2018-2022Age Poom, Veronika MoosesErasmus+ Jean Monnet Network
Towards Smart Zero CO2 Cities across Europe2016-2022Rein Ahas, Veronika Mooses, Siiri Silm, Kristi Post, Ingmar Pastak, Age Poom, Mirjam VeilerEU Horizon 2020
IMO: Infotechnological Mobility Observatory2016-2022Tiit Tammaru, Siiri Silm, Pilleriine KamenjukSA Archimedes. Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap
Mobile lifestyle, consumption of public services and residence data in national registers2019-2022Anto Aasa, Indrek Keis, Martin HaamerEstonian Research Council
MARA: Mobility and Accessibility in Rural Areas2019-2021Janika Raun, Age Poom, Mirjam Veiler, Arvi Kiik, Kyrylo MedianovskyiInterreg Baltic Sea Region Programme
Methodology for the control of probationers using a mobile application2021Anto Aasa, Mirjam VeilerEstonian Ministry of Justice
Monte-Carlo analysis of the spreading rate of a virus as a function of human mobility and social distancing2020-2021Siiri Silm, Ago TomingaEstonian Research Council
Potentials of Big Data for Integrated Territorial Policy Development in the European Growth Corridors2018-2019Anto Aasa, Siiri SilmInterreg ESPON 2020
Live Baltic Campus: Campus Areas as Labs for Participative Urban Design2015-2018Rein Ahas, Age Poom, Kristi Post, Anto Aasa, Siiri SilmInterreg Central Baltic Programme