Mobile Tartu

The aim of Mobile Tartu research seminar and International summer school for PhD students including special field exercise is to discuss theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of mobile positioning based applications in geography and planning and to share know-how between academic, public and private institutions.

Organised by: Chair of Human Geography, University of Tartu and Positium LBS,

    Vanemuise St. 46, Tartu, Estonia 51014,
    ph +372-7-375077;
    fax +372-7-375825;

Objectives are:

  • to share know-how of mobile positioning applications between academic, public and private institutions;
  • to discuss aspects of data security, privacy and surveillance;
  • to introduce mobile positioning data and analyses in:
    • human geography,
    • urban planning,
    • mobility studies,
    • travel behavior research,
    • tourism geography,
    • traffic studies.

Target groups: Master- and PhD students, researchers and lecturers in disciplines of Geography, Economics, Public Administration, Architecture, Planning, GIS and IT Disciplines, practicing specialists from ICT companies

Mobile Tartu Doctoral School in Economics and Innovation is supported by Estonian Information Technology Foundation (EITSA) and Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences

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