Activity Place
12.00 Bus to Field Experiment Vanemuise st 46, Tartu
13.00 Lunch Leigo Farm-Hotel, Otepää region
14.00 Mobile positioning and LBS in practice of mobile operator: EMT in Estonia Argo Kivilo, Mati Kukk EMT, Estonia
14.30 Field Experiment: Tracing with mobile phones: 3 working groupstd> Erki Saluveer, Margus Tiru, Anto Aasa Positium LBS & EMT
18.00 Field trip & tracking to Otepää tourist routes by bus Otepää Erki Saluveer Positium LBS
19.00 Dinner Leigo Farm-Hotel, Otepää region
20.00 Analysing, preparing presentations
21.00 Round table: using positioning data in geographical studies
22.00 Estonian Evening, Smoke sauna, lake…
7.30-8.30 Breakfast Leigo Farm-Hotel, Otepää region
8.30 Presentation: How Bank of Estonia uses mobile positionig data Margus Tiru Positium LBS
9.00 Presentation of field works and discussion
10.30 Departure to Tartu
Not organised time: hotel, lunch…
13.00 Registration Department of Geography, Vanemuise 46, Tartu
13.40 Opening
Mobile methods I (chair R. Ahas)
13.50 Keynote: Improving and replacing travel diaries using mobile tracing? Prof. Kay Axhausen ETAH
14.30 Measurement of walking of elderly people using GPS technology Kineret Cohen-Shalom Department of Geography The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
14.50 Non-response in GPS travel surveys Peter Bro Department of Architecture and Design, Aalborg University
15.10 Generating OD matrixes and studying geographical distribution of traffic with passive mobile positioning data Erki Saluveer Positium LBS & University of Tartu, Estonia
15.30 Coffee break
Crowd management and emergency (Chair M. Tiru)
15.50 Keynote: “Crowdsensing” Prof. Carlo Ratti & Stephen Miles MIT
16.30 Mobile Positioning as a tool for measuring daily commuting areas Anto Aasa The University of Tartu, Department of Geography
16.50 Visual Identification of Scattered Crowd Movement Patterns Using a Directed Kernel Density Estimation Jukka M. Krisp, Stefan Peters, Florian Burkert, Matthias Butenuth University of Technology, Munich (TUM)
17.10 Analysing spatial and temporal sequences in Bluetooth tracking data Matthias Delafontaine, Mathias Versichele, Tijs Neutens, Nico Van de Weghe CartoGIS Cluster, Department of Geography, Ghent University
17.30 Coffee break
Tourism (Chair J.M. Krisp)
17.50 Keynote: Investigation of tourists’ activity patterns in a World City using GPS technology: Hong Kong as a case study Prof. Noam Shoval, Bob McKercher The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Hong Kong Polytechnic University
18.30 Behaviour of Tartu airport travellers – The case of foreign tourists in Estonia Mari-Liis Lamp The University of Tartu, Department of Geography
18.50 Opportunities and limitations of applying TelSKART© method
in tourism policy and destination management
Wieslaw Alejziak Chair of Tourism Economy
University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow
19.10 Detecting temporal rhythm on second home visitors from passive mobile positioning database Siiri Silm Department of Geography, University of Tartu
20.00 Conference Dinner Suudlevad tudengid, Raekoja plats 10
28.aug ICT and travel behaviour (Chair N. Shoval) Department of Geography, Vanemuise 46, Tartu
9.00 Keynote presentation: “Challenging the Meaning of Geographical Environments in Mobility Studies” Prof. Martin Dijst Utrecht University
9.40 From Danwei to Gated Community in Transitional China: A Perspective of Residents’ Activity-travel Pattern Ying Zhao, Yanwei Chai, Xiujun Ma Department of Urban and Economic Geography, Peking University; Department of Machine Intelligence, Peking University
10.00 ICT and sustainable mobility: The case of mobile phone positioning Javier Gomez Institut TELECOM, TELECOM & Management Sud Paris, ETOS/CEMANTIC
10.20 Residence-based differences in everyday mobility: comparing commuters’ and non-commuters’ daily movement patterns in functional urban area of Tallinn Olle Järv The University of Tartu, Department of Geography
10.40 Coffee break
Mobile methods II- Analyses (chair Menno-Jan Kraak)
11.00 Keynote: Analyses of repeated visitations and regularly visited places in tourism destination management Prof. Rein Ahas, Andres Kuusik, Margus Tiru The University of Tartu, Department of Geography; Department of Marketing; Positium LBS
11.40 Location patterns from OpenStreetMap Jaak Laineste OÜ Nutiteq, Tartu, Estonia
12.00 Discovering Aspects of Routine in High Resolution Time-Space Data Michal Isaacson Department of Geography
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
12.20 Parisian Rhythms: weekend’s activity via GSM data Cezary Ziemlicki, Zbigniew Smoreda, Christophe Cariou SENSe/Orange Labs, Paris, France
12.40 Lunch
Visualisation (Chair Anto Aasa)
14.00 Keynote presentation: Aspect of physical and social network visualizations Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak University of Twente, Netherlands,Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation
14.40 Mapping solutions for visualization of catchment’s areas and activity spaces using mobile positioning data Tiiu Kelviste, Raivo Aunap The University of Tartu, Department of Geography
15.00 The Space Time Cube revisited: it potential to visualize mobile data Irma Kveladze, Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak University of Twente, Netherlands, Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation
15.20 Developing visual representations for multiple movement data sets associated with geographic networks Qiuju Zhang, Connie A. Blok, Menno-Jan Kraak University of Twente,Netherlands, Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation
15.40 Coffee break
Urban studies (Chair M. Dijst)
16.00 Land-use Changes and Everyday Commuting Patterns in Post-socialist City Jakub Novák Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University in Prague
16.40 Kids Out! – Urban environments and physical activity among children and adolescents Ari Hynynen Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture
17.00 Ethnic Segregation in Everyday Activity Spaces – Estonian and Russian Communities in Tallinn Kerli Müürisepp, Rein Ahas Department of Geography, University of Tartu
17.20 Closing
20.00 Not too official dinner&party!!! Will be announced Olle Järv

Presentation: 15 min + discussion
Prepare your slides and place them on the computer before the session starts!