International workshop SPM2008 in Tartu, Estonia

Social Positioning Method (SPM) 2008.

Mobile positioning data in geography and planning: data, analyses and applications

10-14 March 2008, Estonia

Organised by: Chair of Human Geography, University of Tartu and Positium LBS

The aim of SPM 2008 workshop is to discuss theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of mobile positioning based applications in geography and planning and to share know-how between academic, public and private institutions.

Objectives are:

  • to teach participants to handle mobile positioning related issues with theoretical and practical lessons on data management, analyses and real-time mapping;
  • to develop new approaches for using mobile positioning in geography, planning, public administration and businesses especially using mobility studies, population geography, mobility related sustainability studies and real-time mapping;
  • to share know-how of mobile positioning applications between academic, public and private institutions and to start active networking;
  • to discuss aspects of data security, privacy and surveillance.

    Target groups: Master- and PhD students, researchers and lecturers in disciplines of Geography, Economics, Public Administration, Architecture, Planning, GIS and IT Disciplines. Practicing specialists from ICT companies.


  • paper submission round;
  • theoretical lectures;
  • practical seminars and studies;
  • site visits to LBS companies in Estonia;
  • practical work and discussion of results in mobile positioning laboratory of University of Tartu;
  • student paper discussions.

    Invited keynote speakers:

  • Prof. G. Gartner Vienna TU, Austria;
  • Prof. J. Jauhiainen Univ. of Oulu, Finland;
  • Prof C. Ratti, MIT, USA;
  • Dr. T. Tammaru, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Prof H. Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland;
  • Dr. H.J. Tork Estonian Space Council;
  • Prof. F. Witlox, Univ. of Gent, Belgium

    There is Planned a Special Issue of "Journal of Location Based Services", Taylor&Francis.

    Language: English

    Current timetable, speakers list and program is preliminary, and may change during organization!

    Download brochure of the International workshop SPM2008