IMO: Infotechnological Mobility Observatory

Infotechnological Mobility Observatory

The aim of the IMO is to build a data infrastructure for mobility studies that integrates emerging (mobile phones, sensors); traditional (individual level censuses, registers) and contextual (environment, traffic sensors, urban sensors etc) data sources.

The main role of the Mobility Lab is to develop and make available mobile positioning data:

  • passive mobile positioning data, and
  • smartphone application MobilityLog data.

In the course of the project, population statistics map application has been created on the bases of passive mobile positioning data, where can display population statistics and download as open data.

Research papers

Public presentations and media coverage

  • Project name: Infotechnological Mobility Observatory
  • Duration: January 2016–August 2022
  • Funding: SA Archimedes. subject of the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap
  • Lead partner: University of Tartu
  • Principal Investigators at University of Tartu: Tiit Tammaru (previously Rein Ahas)
  • Principal Investigators at the Mobility Lab: Siiri Silm
  • People involved: Pilleriine Kamenjuk, Anto Aasa, Age Poom, Veronika Mooses, Janika Raun, Anniki Puura
  • Collaboration partners in Estonia: Statistics Estonia, Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Project webpage:
  • Project information in the Estonian Research Information System
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