Professor Frank Witlox peab avaliku loengu kolmapäeval, 6. märtsil kell 16:00

Tartu Ülikooli värske audoktor, Genti Ülikooli geograafiaprofessor Frank Witlox peab oma avaliku loengu kolmapäeval, 6. märtsil kell 16:00 Granö auditooriumis, Vanemuise 46-327.

Prof Frank Witlox on TÜ geograafia osakonna külalisprofessor ja mobiilsusuuringute labori rahvusvaheline juht. Avalikul loengul keskendub prof Witlox targa linna ja liikuvuse temaatikale eesmärgiga kasutada IKT võimalusi linnalise elukeskkonna jätkusuutlikumaks korraldamiseks.

On urban indicators for monitoring progress and transformation towards smart cities

All cities in the world want to be recognized as “smart”. A smart city uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, shares that information with the public, and improves both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. A smart city also wants to become less car-dependent and, by extension, less oil-dependent; and wants to tackle such principal issues like air pollution, noise, deterioration of the livability of residential areas, local environmental and safety problems caused by transport and mobility. To be able to measure progress towards creating smart cities, a set of urban policy indicators are necessary. And moreover we need to think about what transformations are needed in which fields so that the future of urban mobility can fulfil the mobilities of the future.

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