Rein Ahas – professor, PhD


Founder of the research group

Siiri Silm – senior research scientist, PhD

Head of the research group

Area of ​​research: ethnic segregation, mobile positioning, urban studies, seasonal phenomena, spatial statistics, GIS

Frank Witlox – professor, PhD 

International head of the research group

Visiting professor from Ghent University (BEL)

Anto Aasa – senior research scientist, PhD

Area of ​​research: analysis, GIS, maps, spatial statistics, mobile positioning, climate impacts, phenology

Age Poom – lecturer, PhD

Area of ​​research: environmental impacts, the final consumption environmental burden and the ecological footprint, environmental management

Janika RaunPhD, research associate

Area of research: tourist destinations in the definition of visitors temporal and spatial behavior

Veronika MoosesPhD student, research associate

Area of research: Ethnic differences in people’s spatio-temporal behaviour

Pilleriine Kamenjuk – PhD student, research associate

Area of research: Change in residence and its impact on daily activity spaces

Daiga ParšovaPhD student

Area of research: daily mobility, environmental exposure

Margus TiruPhD student

Area of ​​research: web based monitoring environments, tourism geography analysis, tourist destination loyalty

Erki Saluveer PhD student

Area of ​​research: mobility studies, GIS, location-based services, mobile positioning, spatial databases

Anniki Puura – PhD student, research associate

Area of research: social networks and travel behaviour

Arvi Kiik – MSc

System Administrator

Mirjam Veiler – MSc

Assistant of Human Geography

Kristi Post   MSc, specialist

On Maternity Leave

Laura Altin – PhD student

Area of ​​research: tourism geography, destination marketing

On Maternity Leave

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