9.-13th of April in Los Angeles a conference „Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting“ is held. Our working group is organizing and conducting 3 sessions.

Overview of the sessions and timetable as follows.   Paper Session: 1129 Geography and Mobile Phone Data: from theory to empiricsis scheduled on Tuesday, 4/9/2013, from 8:00 AM – 9:40 AM in Santa Monica C, Westin, Level 3Sponsorship(s): Communication Geography Specialty Group Organizer(s): Emmanouil Tranos – Vrije University Rein Ahas – Department of Geography, University of Tartu … Read more

Research seminar ,,Mobility, segregation and neighbourhoods’ change” programme, presentations and photo

Seminar programme Seminar photo from 15.03.2013 Presentations: TOPIC: RESIDENTIAL SEGREGATION AND NEIGHBOURHOODS’ CHANGE: WESTERN EXPERIENCES Keynote 1: Presentation_Sako_Musterd Keynote 2: Presentation_Roger_Andersson TOPIC: RESIDENTIAL SEGREGATION AND NEIGHBOURHOODS’ CHANGE: EAST EUROPEAN EXPERIENCES Keynote 3: Presentation_Zoltán_Kovács  Presentation_Tiit_Tammaru Presentation_Szymon_Marcińczak TOPIC: RESIDENTIAL MOBILITY AND URBAN SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT Keynote 4: Presentation_Maarten_van_Ham Presentation_Patrick_Laube Presentation_Martin_Ouředníček Presentation_Anneli_Kährik_Kati_Kadarik TOPIC: ETHNIC SEGREGATION OF ACTIVITY SPACES Keynote 5: Donggen Wang, Yiohong Yuan … Read more

Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, April 9-13, 2013

Los Angeles, USA, April 9-13, 2013 Special Session Geography and Mobile Phone Data: from theory to empirics Organizers: Rein Ahas1 and Emmanouil Tranos2 1University of Tartu, 2VU, Amsterdam Research based on mobile phone data is becoming more and more common in geography, planning and social sciences in general as data collection from mobile networks is … Read more

The Estonian Academy of Sciences elected Rein Ahas as a Research Professor for the period 2013–2015

The Estonian Academy of Sciences holds a contest for the position of Research Professor once in every three years. This Professorship affords top-level Estonian scientists and scholars, engaged as leading research scientists and supervisors of doctoral students at research and development institutions or universities, to focus on scientific research. Research Professors are elected for a … Read more

Collaboration with Eurostat has started

Positium LBS and Mobility Lab of University of Tartu won an international consortium of leaders in the procurement of Eurostat for the compilation of mobile phone-based tourism statisticians collection methodology (Eurostat call for tender no 2012/S 84-137069). Consortium consisting of representatives from seven countries started working at the beginning of 2013. Initiative meeting was held from 23.-24. … Read more

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