Mobilitylab was recongnised in Evaluation of Research in ICT in Estonia

4.6.14. Research Group: Department of Geography, Ecology & Earth Sciences: Human Geography and Regional Planning

The group is led by Prof. Rein Ahas.

The research focuses on using computer science techniques to interpret and visualize large-scale data related to active position system, mobile tracking and localization. The group has produced 42 ETIS 1.1. and a total of 88 publications during the evaluation period. The number and quality of the publications is on a very good international level, albeit in urban planning, cultural geography. The main research results include software for calculating landscape indices for predictive mapping, mobile positioning solutions for tourism geography and everyday mobility, and big mobile data for urban and social studies. The group has a unique opportunity to explore large mobility datasets for new discoveries pertaining to human mobility and behaviour. They have a good relationship with the Estonian Tourism department and have utilized this expertise for applications related to tourism. The research has resulted in a spinoff company called Positium LBS. While the research carried out by this group is predominantly in the Geosciences area, the panel recognizes the impact that the ICT related research done by the group has created in their domain. With this caveat in context, the panel judges the research to be of high international level. The overall evaluation of the group is good to excellent.

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