Lecture of prof. H. Timmermans in Tartu (6th of May)

Prof. Harry Timmermans from Eindhoven Technical University, Netherlands is in Tartu from 6.-7.th of May. During his stay he is giving a lecture in University of Tartu on the subject “Effects of Fuel Price Fluctuation on Dynamics in Individual Travel Behavior: Evidence from a Pseudo-Panel”.
The lecture is part of the seminar which is organised by the department of human geography and regional planning.
The lecture takes place in Vanemuise 46-327 on Monday 6th of May at 16.15.
Prof. H. Timmermans is internationally recognized researcher of transportation and planning. His research interests concern the development of models of spatial choice behaviour and the development of decision support systems in a variety of application domains, including transportation, retailing, tourism and recreation, and housing.
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