“Humble Lamppost” project was presented in Rakvere

Together with Rakvere Smart House Competence Centre a research of smart city solutions, data and evaluation methods was conducted. Topics covered in given research support the involvment of Rakvere in Humble Lamppost project. In the research presentation seminar, that took place on 28th of January, members of Rakvere Smart House Competence Centre, city government and students from schools were present.

Sensors, intelligent technologies and the accompanying dataset form the brain of a smart city, which makes the city more flexible, effective and cost-effective. Technologies equipped with sensors are used for different purposes in a city: to monitor the condition of infrastructures, such as roads, bridges and buildings, to get an overview of the condition of the environment, to involve the residents in various decision-making processes, to combat crime, etc. Sensor technologies are also increasingly used in organising traffic and parking. Real time information enables to save on inspection and transport, while the rich dataset also enables to make longer-term and more accurate forecasts in areas important for the city. In all that, however, people play the most important part: cities do not get smarter just by using technology, the important thing is to what extent technological possibilities can be taken advantage of to achieve the goals.

You can find summary about the report  here.

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