The Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction 2015-2030 points out that global evidence indicates that in all countries the exposure of people and assets to disasters has increased faster than attempts to decrease vulnerability.

The Framework underlines an all-society engagement, which addresses the most vulnerable groups, whilst accounting for contextual and cultural differences. It also calls for a more explicit focus on people, their health and livelihoods, and the local level, since individuals and local communities possess their own capabilities, networks, methods, tools and means to absorb impacts and bounce back. Thus, the ‘capital’ that is available at the root-level deserves to be recognised and incorporated in the policies and strategies for disaster risk reduction and enhancing of resilience.

To improve the overall resilience of people, communities and thereby the whole society, the BuildERS project focuses on the most vulnerable individuals, groups and communities. Strengthening the social capital, risk awareness and preparedness of the most vulnerable segments of the societies and communities will increase understanding on what societal resilience comprises.

BuildERS will develop knowledge and insights that will device recommendations for policies, plans, strategies, and competencies for building partnerships, networks and trust for progressively fortifying the social capital and resilience against future threats, be they natural or man-induced. The special focus on communities and in particular on the most vulnerable groups answers to the so-far unfulfilled needs of these communities.

BuildERS uses several research methods such as i) Stakeholder engagement with co-design and co-creation processes, ii) Field surveying and questionnaires, iii) Comparative research, iv) Multiple case analysis.

The project is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, there are also partners from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Hungary involved. From University of Tartu the coordinator is researcher Kati Orru from Institute of Social studies. From Mobility Lab the project team consists of Siiri Silm, Pilleriine Kamenjuk and Anto Aasa. Estonian Rescue Board and Positium are also invloved in the project.

Official Webpage of the projekt:

Webpage on Estonian Research Information System

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