Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, April 9-13, 2013

Los Angeles, USA, April 9-13, 2013
Special Session
Geography and Mobile Phone Data: from theory to empirics
Organizers: Rein Ahas1 and Emmanouil Tranos2
1University of Tartu, 2VU, Amsterdam
Research based on mobile phone data is becoming more and more common in geography, planning and social sciences in general as data collection from mobile networks is cost-effective compared to traditional methods due to the immense penetration rate. Numerous applications can be found in the literature: from signature identification in human mobility in the frame of complexity science to transport management applications. Geography and spatial sciences seem to be highly benefit from this development as data from mobile phone operators, despite the privacy issues, can be seen as an opportunity to model the spatio-temporal dynamics of human behavior.
The objective of this session is to bring together studies which aim to answer in a quantitative manner research questions in the wider area of human geography utilizing this new and exciting data.
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