14th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics

Rein Ahas and Janika Raun from UT’s Mobility Lab introduced new ways of determining usual environment based on passive mobile positioning data (CDR) and smartphone based GPS data on the 14th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics.

Usual environment-
is important because tourism is defined by traveling outside the usual environment. Therefore, the size of usual environment affects the number of tourism trips in official statistics, the balance of payments, the investments, etc. Mobile and GPS tracking helps us to define the usual environment in greater detail in time and space.

Discussion –
BIG data from mobile phones. Widespread opinion is that the advantage lies in large sample sizes and datasets, as the data is commonly aggregated to make generalisations. In fact, the advantage of new digital datasets (e.g. smartphone based GPS data) is the possibility to work with detailed individual data on long time periods.

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