We welcome undergraduate and graduate students to study human mobility from multiple perspectives, using mobile big data and/or other data sources. Find out the BSc and MSc thesis topics that our members supervise from the website of the Department of Geography:


For eventual postgraduate and postdoctoral studies and internships, please contact us directly (mobilitylab [at]


In spring 2022, we launched a public online lecture series ‘Mobility Analysis and Planning for Human-Scale Cities’ featuring mobility and transportation experts and leading scholars worldwide. In 2023 we started our second season of lectures.

Check out the recordings of both seasons and more information about the current lecture series at

The list of our current and previous courses at the University of Tartu, in which we participate:

CoursePeople InvolvedLink
Fundamentals of Human Geography (5 ECTS) Tiit Tammaru, Janika Raun, Ago TomingaLOOM.02.236
Key Directions and Methods in Geography (7 ECTS) Siiri Silm, Veronika Mooses, Ago TomingaLOOM.02.207
Research Methods in Human Geography (5 ECTS)Kadri Leetmaa, Elina Maarja Suitso, Kadi Kalm, Karina Valdas, Siiri Silm, Veronika MoosesLOOM.02.073 
Graduate Research Seminar (5 ECTS)Jaan Pärn, Jüri Roosaare, Tiit Tammaru, Age PoomLTOM.02.238
Environmental Management Systems and Auditing (5 ECTS)Age PoomLOOM.02.162 
Geography of Information and Communication Technologies and Mobile  Positioning (3 ECTS)Anto AasaLOOM.02.119 
Geography, Communication and Spatial Mobility (6 ECTS)Anto Aasa, Anniki Puura, Matthew Alan ZookLTOM.02.050
Economic Geography of Urban Systems (2 ECTS)Frank Witlox, Janika RaunLOOM.02.328
Geospatial Analysis with Python and R (6 ECTS) Alexander Kmoch, Anto Aasa, Holger Virro, Marta JemeljanovaLTOM.02.041
Tourism Geography (3 ECTS)Janika RaunLOOM.02.106
Planning project (15 ECTS)Siiri Silm, Daiga Paršova, Ingmar Pastak, Kiira Mõisja, Pille Metspalu, Veronika MoosesLTOM.02.010
Mobility and Transportation Geography (3 ECTS)Age Poom, Siiri Silm, Veronika MoosesLOOM.02.058
Transport Planning (4 ECTS)Siiri Silm, Age PoomLOOM.02.343
Mobility Analysis for Planning (3 ECTS)Siiri Silm, Age Poom, Veronika MoosesLTOM.02.063
Visual Geodata Mining (2 ECTS)Jukka Matthias KrispLOOM.02.349

Our teaching activities elsewhere include the following course(s):

CourseUniversityPeople involvedLink
Exercises: Mobile & Location Based ServicesUniversity of AugsburgAnto AasaLink