BuildERS—Building European Communities’ Resilience and Social Capital

BuidERS―works on increasing the societal resilience and social capital of European communities and citizens. It will do this by genuinely co-designing processes and tools with citizens, first-responder organisations and technology tools developers. The project will incorporate an inclusive and interactive research and analysis process, where the results are not derived ‘top-down’ but through a ‘bottom-top’ dynamic interaction.

Objectives of the BuildERS project are:

  • Providing an understanding of and how the most vulnerable people exposed to risks and threats understand risks, prepare for and behave individually and collectively in crisis.
  • Creating knowledge to empower and activate first-responders, policy makers, administrators, public and private service providers and citizens.
  • Analysing and providng insights on how new technologies and media could improve disaster resilience of societies.
  • Providing policy recommendations to the relevant stakeholders to maximize the usability and reliability of social media in disasters and recovery processes.

Mobility Lab provided a spatial analysis of population group presence and mobility based on population statistics dashboard and discussed its benefits for disaster management. The dashboard includes spatio-temporal human dynamic maps generated from mobile positioning data by Positium. The usability of the dashboard was created and evaluated with Estonian Rescue Board in tabletop exercises.

Research papers

Public presentations and media coverage

  • Project name: Building European Communities’ Resilience and Social Capital
  • Duration: 1.05.2019-30.04.2022
  • Funding: EU Horizon 2020
  • Lead partner: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Principal Investigators at the University of Tartu: Kati Orru (Institute of Social Studies)
  • Principal Investigators at the Mobility Lab: Siiri Silm
  • People involved: Ago Tominga
  • Collaboration partners in Estonia: Estonian Rescue Board, Positium
  • Project webpage:
  • Project information in the Estonian Research Information System
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