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Place: Chair of Human Geography, Vanemuise st 46, Tartu, Estonia
University of Tartu has been last 375 years the Centre of Estonian Culture, Education and Science.
Tartu lies in Southern Estonia, 185 km south from Tallinn…

Timetable: Now is the time to confirm timetable and to make travel arrangements for seminar.
Most important seminar days are 10-12 March (Mo,Tu,We), when most of presentations and discussions will take place.
13th March is excursion in Estonia and tracking experiment with A-GPS/3G systems.


Planned activity (preliminary plan)



We organise some ground transportation from Tallinn to Tartu for arrivals on Sunday 9th March 2008:
I Departing 17.30 in front of Viru Hotel in City Centre of Tallinn and 18.00 from Airport
II Departing 23.00 in front of Viru Hotel in City Centre of Tallinn and 23.30 from Airport
Some return trips will be organised as well, details after knowing your itineraries


Welcome, introduction, theoretical and methodological framework.


Networks, databases, data collection and analysis; A-GPS and Galileo.


Mapping human behaviour, space-time activities; mobile positioning and architecture; privacy and surveillance, publishing plans.


Excursion, PhD students field experiment with active and passive positioning.


Presentation and discussion of PhD group works; real time space-management; outlines for summary report.

PhD students may receive 3 ECTC credit points for seminar, presentation and group work.

Current timetable, speakers list and program is preliminary, and may change during organization!